When I listen to Erica’s performances it takes me to different worlds as she sings in other languages and capture the room with a time never forgotten. She truly is a world class musician.  Her style is influenced by the places and people she meets and so ever changing.  I never know what to expect next!! New instruments keep popping up in her performances.I am looking forward to future inspiration by this talented Goddess. Colleen Smith

“you sound like Florence and the Machine!” Kyle Williams, 2014

“you are the best vocalist I’ve heard at Meramec Vineyards!” Anne Premont 2014

“you remind me of the vocal stylings of Madeleine Peyroux” @ Meramec Vineyards 2014

“Now this is the type of music that should be performed at wineries” Judi Raymond, Peaceful Bend Winery 2014

“you remind me of Nora Jones, and we really like her” Ineka @ private party 2014

“erika may, a classical and jazz flutist, vocalist, and cellist, will perform the wildly popular Tango Etudes for solo flute by Astor Piazzolla. These etudes are known for their technical, yet highly emotional, content. Erika May is also writing compositions for flute, cello, voice, and interpretive dance based on her experience while living in Steelville, nestled in the beautiful Ozarks.

You may be wondering . . . ” continue reading this review in Cuba Free Press



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