some fun june happenings!

It’s already been a fun filled month and there are still a few weeks to go!

This month includes moving to the Traveler’s Table. I’m living in a cute Avion trailer. It looks like an Airstream. I’ve been told this is called “Glamping” in other words, Glamor Camping. It is a sweet trailer with room to set up my flute, cello, guitar, and loopers.

It was such a wonderful experiences performing as the Artist in Residence at Gallery Zeke and the Tavern of Fine Arts, and more is on the way. Put July 4th on your calendar as I will be performing from 6p – 10p at the Meramec Winery. There may be some special guests.

Last night I had the opportunity to perform with Clay McKinney at the Plein Air painting event at Sander’s End hosted by Gary Sanders and his wife, Beverly Kincade. Clay plays the cello so we did flute and cello duets, some Teleman and celtic tunes, and he improvised while I sang some jazz numbers. How fun! This is another event STARCO, the Steelville Arts Council puts on.

Put July 4th on your calendar as I will be performing at the Meramec Winery from 6 to 10pm. I may have some special guests.

Bliss Hippy invited me to come to the studio and lay down some flute tracks for their upcoming cd. It is always a pleasure to play on their original songs.

Here I am with Bliss Hippy, Maureen and Richard Hall in the studio taking a group selfie in the recording studio!

Plus I’ve heard some great music this month. Tuatha Dea, who perform a celtic world style music, and  Sharon Knight with Winter, who describe their music as Neo-Folk Romantique were highlights of a concert at the Focal Point in St. Louis. I love the tribal sounds of all the percussion Tuatha Dea use, it really gets one up dancing. They started out as a family drum circle and have grown into an exciting energetic band with great vocals and super tight drumming. Plus they have a didgeridoo . . . swoon! Definitely check out their music.
Also on the bill were Murphy’s Midnight Rounders and Brian “Boo” Greenway.

Look at this line up of percussion, instruments, singing and more!
Sharon Knight sang her heart out with her partner Winter!

Sharon Knight and Winter


How do you make money as a musician?

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Here is a little quiz to test your knowledge on how musicians make money. I took the first level and got %80, now I’m wondering what the next levels will show me.


Happy May Day!

erika may music - happy lily

erika may music – happy lily


Good Morning Spring! it is wet and warming up. The early spring blooms are here, lily, trillium, spring beauties, buttercups, Blue bonnets,










The trillium were especially potent harbingers of spring, the May Apples are blooming, but I have yet to see any morels!! and the Dogwoods and Redbuds are in full bloom!!


erika may music - trillium

erika may music – trillium












The dogwoods with their iconographic death and rebirth theme!

erika may music - dogwood blooms

erika may music – dogwood blooms










and I can get lost in contemplating the beauty of nature while forest bathing under these trees!

erika may music - spring forest

erika may music – spring forest

Bliss Hippy @ the Public House Brewing Company

Last night was so special as I had the opportunity to sit in on the flute with some very musically talented and kind hearted people, Bliss Hippy! They performed at the Public House Brewing Company. Bliss Hippie is fronted by Maureen and Richard Hall. they write most of their own material which can sometimes be called a little controversial and have a lovely selection of cover tunes. They call it “Psychadelic Folk”! Two Bliss Hippy songs placed in the top-five category of the Great American Song Contest.

Maureen has a strong alto voice and puts elemental feelings into the songs she sings – no one is immune to her rich, captivating and soulful singing! Richard has won awards for his songwriting! His songs are direct statements of what he believes told in bold, sometimes funny, and always entertaining style. Joe adds his love of musical styles as he plays groovy and intelligent guitar. His solos rock out!

Maureen, Richard, and Joe

Maureen, Richard, and Joe

Bliss Hippie - Maureen Hall

Maureen Hall blissing out!

Bliss Hippie - Maureen and Richard

Maureen and Richard Hall perform @ the Public House Brewing Company in Rolla, MO

Southern Gospel Concert

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to go to my first Southern Gospel concert. The concert featured the Whisnants in performance at the Meramec Music Theater in Steelville, Mo. I was given the heads up about the concert by Sharon Hardecke, who runs Hardecke Real Estate in Steelville. Sharon introduced me to several interesting people from Steelville this evening! Thank you!

The Whisnants are a family band that has been performing gospel music for 43 years. The band is known for their wonderful harmonies and strong voices. I was impressed by the tight harmonies and the energetic performance. They really put their hearts into the performance and there is no doubt as to the sincerity of their mission to spread the gospel.

Here are a few photos I took that evening:

the Whisnants father - sons the Whisnants praising The Whisnants trio


erika may ~ jazzy hippie chick

erika may w/flute and cello

erika may w/flute and cello

 vocals, flute, & cello

erika may ~ jazzy hippie chick / her music is described as avant garde, jazzy,with an emotionally strong voice that has been compared to Norah Jones, Blossom Dearie, and Ricki Lee Jones. Her songs are imbued with stunning creativity like Bjork and Florence and the Machine, she writes compelling lyrics like Joni Mitchell, and her music is embodied with a fiery world-spirit.

erika may has an eclectic mix of edgy and deep music flecked with jazz, folk and various world influences. Her songs are described as having soaring, lyrical melodies in emotionally driven performance which creates a dynamic experience.

Whether it’s singing jazz standards, Spanish songs, & originals, improvising on her flute, accompanying herself on guitar and/or cello as a solo act, or swinging with jazz combos as both a leader and a sideman, or performing on flute in classical duets with piano or guitar, or being “in the band” with Americana/pop groups as a singer and flutist, erika may brings her personal flair, professionalism, and a loving joy of the music to each performance.

listen to recordings by clicking on

erika may’s flute playing is sought after as an accompaniment on many recordings. Contact her to add flute, vocals, or cello to your recording project!

She brings this experience and exuberance to teaching students, inspiring them to fall in love with their instrument. Call for lessons or look for her at City Music StL.

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Monday Morning

What a blessing, I get to be an artist in residence for the Steelville Arts Council, for three months. What this means is that I’m living in a cute little house in Steelville, Mo for the purpose of writing music and practicing like crazy to make a concert happen. The purpose is to promote the Steelville Arts Council!

I’m preparing a concert of originals using flute, cello, voice, and interpretive dance as well as finessing Astor Piazzolla’s TANGO-ETUDES pour flute seule (for solo flute). The concert will be on May 23rd at Gallery Zeke and will also be performed at the Tavern of Fine Arts in St. Louis on May 30th. I hope to see you at one of these performances!

Playing with some photos for a flyer!

me flute n cello dark window copy2

Happy Solstice,

Tomorrow it is the winter solstice, I am grateful for the support, love, and good vibes coming my way!

Today I begin to move in a new direction, pulling talents and skills into a cohesive whole. It is the dream of moon and stars!

Here is a song about the youngest princess who dreamed of the full moon, the star Diana, and three birds pecking at a golden bowl. The mother interprets this for the daughter explaining who the moon, star and bowl represent.


September & October – Travel & Gigs

It was wonderful to reconnect with family and friends – old & new in St. Louis and in Canada!
Meeting my new granddaughter, Leonora brought joy and more joy, and loving on Oca and Violet is sweeter than honey!

playing music with my teacher Paul DeMarinis (sax), Farshid Etniko Soltanshahi (guitar), Willem von Hombracht (bass) Randy Bahr,(guitar) and Kyle Honeycutt, (drums) at the jazz club Robbie’s House of Jazz was certainly a highlight of my year! As well as playing with Farshid at Gallery Zeke for the Steelville Arts Council and with his band at the winery was sublime.

My ongoing musical relationship with Stephen Buhner reached new heights while performing with him at his conference at the Mountain Waters Retreat center in October. Plus I got to meet so many wonderfully interesting, talented, and heart-filled new friends!

Driving home, I had the opportunity to catch up with my cousin Mike who I’d not seen is many many years. He is now married and has a lovely wife and daughter!

You can hear a few tracks from the gig at Robbie’s House of Jazz and of Stephen singing with me accompanying him on flute and vocals at my reverbnation site,

Halloween brought a fun time sitting in with Chapel Blues from New Orleans NOLA at the Buckhorn Saloon with Rudy (sax) and Danny (trumpet) sitting in too! Rudy is an incredible sax player who recently moved from Silver City but returns to visit friends and family. Danny Arturo is the new music instructor at WNMU. Both these gentlemen blow a mean ax!

Well, that’s the catch up post for now! keep safe and love on the music!