Bob Baker’s workshop!

Yesterday all you St. Louis peeps had a wonderful opportunity to understand more about promoting, and working your music. Bob Baker led a live workshop on how to be more intentional in making a living from your art. The workshop was entitled “7 Steps to Building a Thriving Career in the Arts”.

As Bob describes this workshop on his website, “The Creative Entrepreneur Workshop” is “A hands-on workshop for musicians, visual artists, writers, photographers, designers, performers, and anyone wanting to make a difference (and a living) with their creativity.”

This workshop really delivered, and it is “hands-on”. Dressed in jeans and telling jokes, Bob encouraged the participants to exchange ideas and talk through problems or mindsets that may be holding them back. He enticed everyone to “fall in love with marketing”, explaining that marketing is simply “a strategic form of sharing”. He asked, don’t you want to fell that good feeling of sharing with others?

It was also a relaxed setting to get to know others who are pursuing dreams, dreams of making a living by doing painting, music, photography, video, and writing. It was great to meet talented people, funny people, and people who are passionate about their art!

Next time Bob offers a class like this, get in line to sign up!

Ask me when Bob will be doing another workshop and I’ll let you know! Sign up for my email list to get cool notifications like this!




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