Reverbnation is addicting!

Several years ago I discovered the music site called reverbnation and thought, it’s free, I may as well sign up. A few other musicians in the Silver City area had made reverbnation profiles and it seemed like a good idea. I put photos and music, created a little bio, listened to the other musicians in Silver City and thought . . .  now what?

Then one day somebody I didn’t know came along and became a fan of my music and recommended me to his list. Wow, I thought, who is he, he’s from London! How did he find my music? So I went to his reverbnation site and listened to his music, looked at his photos, and wrote a nice comment on his wall about his lyricism and musical style. He returned the favor and wrote nice things on my wall!

I looked through the musicians he recommended on his site and began to listen to music, look at photos, and “fanned” and recommended. Many of them returned this favor and I was hooked! I spent hours listening to music from musicians all over the world, running the gamut of styles, from rank amateur to amazing artists who had finely honed their skills and craft. We exchanged encouraging comments and recommendations and my fan list began to build. Many signed up for my mailing list.

I was hooked, line and sinker. I would get home and run to my computer, pull up my reverbnation site to see who else had “fanned” me, who else could I find to enjoy their music; hours were spent. Who knew that so many people love music so much to learn to play instruments, write songs, record themselves, and make videos. It is a magic world!

musically! erika may


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