Monday Morning

What a blessing, I get to be an artist in residence for the Steelville Arts Council, for three months. What this means is that I’m living in a cute little house in Steelville, Mo for the purpose of writing music and practicing like crazy to make a concert happen. The purpose is to promote the Steelville Arts Council!

I’m preparing a concert of originals using flute, cello, voice, and interpretive dance as well as finessing Astor Piazzolla’s TANGO-ETUDES pour flute seule (for solo flute). The concert will be on May 23rd at Gallery Zeke and will also be performed at the Tavern of Fine Arts in St. Louis on May 30th. I hope to see you at one of these performances!

Playing with some photos for a flyer!

me flute n cello dark window copy2


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Wow, Erika! I am so happy for you. You aren’t just talking about it. You are making LIFE happen. Kudos, my friend. HUGS

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