Purpose of this blog, music, therapy, and personal direction

so I have a couple of sites online, my first website created by my nephew Mike Watt is at ericarandolph.com.  The first music website I created is at erika-may.net, (which will expire soon), next an experimentation with a blog revolving around the cds I produced last summer, “Miao Miao, cat in a hat”, and “Scenes in Dreams” is at zephyrmoon.com / goddessmoonmusic.com.  Now I’m creating yet another blog. I’m not sure this is a good idea, but one of these may take off and become the platform of my choice.

In this latest iteration for a name I’m using a combination of Zephyr Moon and Goddess Moon Music and have arrived at zgoddessmoon on the wordpress platform.

In this blog, I’m interested in focusing on my personal combination of music, the therapy world, and personal development.  Currently I’m a practicing mental health therapist.  I am licensed in New Mexico as an LMHC, Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Soon I will take my final exam for the terminal license of LPCC, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. At that time I may open a private practice.  This blog may help me make that decision.

Currently I am employed at El Refugio, Inc., a battered women’s shelter. I provide counseling for women who are in crisis and have been experiencing trauma due to domestic violence and the cycle of power and control in their intimate partner relationships.

I am very dedicated to my work, this is a field in which I find myself deeply interested and qualified. The topic, which I will explore more deeply in future posts, is fascinating and important to study in today’s world of relationship challenges.


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